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Expert ID: 06173 | Medical Experts | Toxicology


This expert is a Ph.D. medicinal chemist and Registered Patent Agent with successful experience in drug discovery, drug development, and drug licensing in academia, major pharma and biotech sectors.  Forensic work includes: drug patent validity, causation arising from drug effects, drug toxicity, drug facilitated sexual assault, drug related automobile crash responsibility, performance enhancing drugs and dietary supplements; and Compounding Pharmacy performance issues.

Speaks German

Other areas of expertise:

  • Pharmacokinetics
  • Drug Metabolism
  • Alcohol Impairment
  • Drug Development and FDA
  • Steroids, Retinolds, Prostaglandins
  • Biotechnology Drugs and Monoclonal Antibodies
  • Performance Enhancing Drugs
  • Illicit Psychotropic Drugs

Location: Laguna Beach, CA

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